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Changing the future of Hilltribe Children

What does vocationaltraing4kids.org do in Conjunction with Rescue Mission for Children?

Vocationaltraining4kids.org raises funds to support the Management Team and the Vocational Training Program at Rescue Mission for Children Inc.


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Paul and Dee Evans helped raise the initial funds to begin Rescue Mission for Children (RMFC) more than 20 years ago. Now they help manage the Training Centre and Paul leads the Vocational Training Program.

RMFC has a Partnership Agreement with a registered Thai Charity called The Association of Development Assistance for Thai-Hilltribe Children Inc. (DAC Inc.). DAC is the legal entity that implements Aid Program that RMFC raises funds for.

Both the Australian and Thai charities are audited annually.

We are changing the world of the Hilltribe children

The Mission

Vocationaltraing4kids.org is dedicated to helping Rescue Mission For Children to complete its MISSION and the expansion of the Care and Protection Programs through the delivery of a well-conceived Vocational Training Program.

Who are the Hilltribe People of Thailand?

The term Indigenous Hilltribe peoples of Thailand refers to the ethnic minority groups living along the mountainous areas of South East Asia where there is high risk of exploitation and trafficking.
There are many tribes including but not limited to the Karen, Hmong, Mien, Lahu, Lisu, Akha, Thin, Khamu, Wa and Mrabri. These Hilltribes inhabit the mountainous border region between Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and down the Mekong river system to Cambodia and Vietnam. Many of these people are Stateless poor and exploited & the infrastructure here is often poor with a lack of clean water and sanitation, coupled with poor communications and limited education.

What are the Rescue Mission for Children’s Goals?

Our Goals are to help each child by :

  •  improving the social and economic capacity of each of them
  •  giving them a quality education and vocational training that helps the develop a sound knowledge base and reach their potential
  •  protecting their health, human rights and cultural heritage.
  •  building in each child self-esteem and confidence, as well as a sense of pride in their rich and diverse heritage
  •  promoting self-determination and a sense of destiny
  • training and equipping each child with an understanding of sustainability
  • transferring knowledge and skills that will transform their communities economically.
What Services are Provided by Rescue Mission for Children

The services we provide for the children include:

  • Education in the Thai School System that leads to Citizenship
  • Vocational training that build competencies, skills, and confidence
  • Care, food, clothing, shelter and healthcare
  • Protection from preventable diseases, exploitation and slavery, as well as trafficking
  • Holistic program of physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual support
  • Connection to a global network of distributed graduates that have a wide range of capabilities and a heart to help children with similar backgrounds.

Meet The Team

Paul Evans

Manager of RMFC

Dee Evans

Assistant Site Manager

Stateless children need your help. Get Involved! Speak Out! Volunteer! And DONATE! Just Give kids a fair chance to succeed!

Help rescue Stateless Hilltribe Children from poverty including starvation, from ignorance due to a lack of education, from human trafficking into slavery and the sex trade. Help by Donating to the Projects employed by Vocational Training for Kids.

Our Projects:

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Production

  • Language Program

  • Coffee Culture Program

  • Cultural Training Program

Donation Target: AUD$50000

Donation Target: AUD$50000